с эссе по английскому по теме to lie or not to lie in the conflicts

Can anybody say “Throughout my life, I have never told a lie”? The answer is absolutely “No, I lied before,”or “I lied many times that I can not remember the number of lies”. Nobody can imagine a person who is completely truthful. In most of the incidents, people in fact do not understand that they tell a lie. Lies are so common place, they almost seem like the truth. Actually, it seems like a truth to the eye of the liar because liar’s world accepts it as a truth. We all accept our own truths in our own worlds. However, lies are not very harmful or serious problems. In addition to this, telling a lie is sometimes more appropriate than telling the truth. In my opinion, it is sometimes better to lie than to tell the truth.
First of all, it is sometimes better to lie than to tell the truth so that we do not hurt others. Some people will feel disappointed, frustrated, or upset if the words from other people aren’t the wanted words that these people expected. They will built castles in the air about everything before the conversation, but unexpected words during the conversation will collapse their castle, in other words, thier desires and dreams. For example, imagine that you are going to have a meal at your close friend house in one evening. During the evening, you may not like the dinner that your close friend serves. What would you do? Of course, you mustn’t say “ Your meal is irritating and I hate it”. This would be very rude. Instead you should try to be more polite. Although you don’t like the meal, you should say “I like your dinner tonight, your dessert and the other courses are the most delicious ones that I have ever tasted”. After meal, you will see that your friendship will be strengthened, and your friend will behave more respectful to you since you will have said the things that he/she wanted from you. The other example is that you can motivate somebody by telling a lie instead of hurting. Imagine again that you are teacher, and there is a student who is unsuccessful. Other teachers think that this student has no intention to study hard. Also, his heart was broken because he thinks that he hasn’t got any speciall skills and talents. In this case, our behaviour to student must not be hurtful. We can tell him a lie -to motivate him- like, “Tom -George, Amelie, Ali, Veli- your performance has been increasing in these days, I hope that you will be a good student in the future”. This words which comes from our mouth will impress the attention of this student to courses. Besides, we will not hurt the student’s feelings. By the way, even he/she could be successful in his/her courses. (Moreover, there are many researchs about telling a lie to the students. According to research result, the way I explained you is the best way that teacher can conduct over students. For example, in one experiment, scientists chose a classroom at the first class of elementary school, and they always said the students in this classroom “You all are very intelligent and succesful”. Although they were not intelligent, they begun to believe that they were intelligent. As a result, they finished the courses very well. From all of these, we can understand that as a teacher, we can motivate students by telling a lie.) Final example is that lovers may not hurt their partner’s feelings by telling a lie. The partnership always needs respect and mutual understanding (respectiveness). Naturally, if they want to be understanding, they will have to tell a lie. For example, our partner has given a gift to us. Unfortunately it isn’t the gift that we expected. If we say him/her “I am sorry, but this kind of gift is not appropriate for me.”, we will absolutaly break our partner’s heart. On the other hand, we will say “Oh dear, this is the gift that takes place in my dreams. I like it very much”, then you can look at your partner’s eyes. They seems very pleased. As a result, your relationship goes on more vigorous than it used to by telling a little white lie. In brief, people can make other people by telling a white lie instead of breaking their heart.
All in all, as you see telling a lie will be appropriate and inevitable as a solution of some problems. With telling a lie we can manage our relationship and keep the friendship. There are many ways to tell a lie in some events, and telling a lie is more profitable than telling the truth. In my opinion, sometimes our lives are full of lies and the real becomes a lie with not telling the truth. The truths can be changed and there is no person who says "I have never told a lie". If he/she says "I have never told a lie", we can understand that he/she is a real liar.

Was Gavrilo Princip a freedom fighter? Можете написать эссе

Every person has his own freedom. We decide to be free or not to be. One people think that freedom is an independence from their parents and other adults. Others think that freedom is the oppotunity to do what they want and go where and when they wish. In my opinion, to be free means just to live and enjoy the sun and the sky, to love my friends and my parents. Freedom is a peaceful sky, bright stars, the sun, the sea and the warm sand.In conclusion, I would like to say that everyone chooses his own way in life. I think, nothing makes a person love life, you just need to look seriously into your future and think about a career, your future work and a family. This is my freedom.
Каждый человек имеет свою собственную свободу. Мы сами решаем быть свободными или нет. Одним людям кажется, что свобода - это независимость от родителей и других взрослых людей. Другие думают, что свобода - это возможность делать то, что они хотят, ходить туда, куда им хочется. По-моему, быть свободным - это значит просто жить и радоваться солнцу и небу, любить своих друзей и родителей. Свобода - это мирное небо, ясные звезды, солнце, море и теплый песок. В заключениe хочу сказать, что каждый сам выбирает свою дорогу в жизни. Я думаю, ничто  не заставит человека любить жизнь, для этого нужно просто серьезно смотреть в будущее и думать о карьере, будущей работе и семье.  Это моя свобода.

Написать эссе на тему: "Компьютер-Хорошо или плохо"

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, is it good to use computer? Because there are a lot of theories for and against.
First of all, computer is good for spending your free time, you can play online games, chat with your friends, meet someone new or watch some movie. Actually, computer can also find answers for your questions. You can easily find information just by clicking on some links. Computer can also help you with homework, but sometimes it has some mistakes.
We used to hear a lot of “ against “ about computer from our grandparents or even parents. Because they think, we aren’t smart generation and we don’t know a lot of things by using internet. Sometimes it is hard to argue with them, because from my point of view, we are way smarter than our grandparents. Because for them it is hard to understand how technology works.
But don’t forget that computer is bad for your eyes and if you are using computer everyday for 7 hours - in some time you’ll have to wear glasses. That’s why u have to rest at least 15 minutes.
Actually, a lot of teenagers forgot about real life. They are skipping school, because they have internet friends and video games. They just need to get some life.
I think that using computer isn’t bad. You just need to take control of yourself.

Написать эссе 7 класс
Read a book or watch a film?

People have been reading since time immemorial. We still want to read. It explains the increasing popularity of books. But there is a new way to spent our free time. It is to watch film versions of the books. This method of entertainment was created in recent years, but the popularity of it became higher than reading books. What the better way to discover the characters and the plot of the book? Watch films or read books? This question became very important nowadays. I am going express my point of view about this subject.
As for me, I prefer reading books, than watching TV. First of all, books give you much more details than film. Consequently, your understanding of all actions becomes clearer. Moreover, your vocabulary become bigger and bigger. Especially, if you read books in foreign language.However, some people claim, that watching films consume less time and it’s more enjoyable.
I disagree with this view. I think that director of the film gives us his own interpretation of the book. So the meaning of the book is distorted. Usually it happened, because there is not much time to explain everything in two hours.
In conclusion, I would like to say that we need read books to increase our intellectual abilities and skills. (214 слов)Люди читают с незапамятных времен. Мы все еще хотим читать. Это объясняет растущую популярность книг. Но есть новый способ провести свободное время. Смотреть кино-версии книг. Этот метод развлечения создавался в последние годы, но популярность его стала выше, чем чтение книг. Какой лучший способ открыть для себя персонажей и сюжет книги? Смотреть фильмы или читать книги? Этот вопрос стал очень важным в наше время. Я выскажу свою точку зрения по этому вопросу.
Что касается меня, я предпочитаю читать книги, чем смотреть телевизор. Прежде всего, книги дают вам гораздо больше деталей, чем фильм. Следовательно, Ваше понимание всех действий становится яснее. Кроме того, ваш словарный запас становится все больше и больше. Особенно, если читаешь книги на иностранном языке. Тем не менее, некоторые люди утверждают, что просмотр фильмов занимает меньше времени, и это более приятным.
Я не согласен с этой точкой зрения. Я думаю, что режиссер дает нам свою интерпретацию книги. Таким образом, смысл книги искажен. Обычно это происходило, потому что не так много времени, чтобы все объяснить за два часа.
В заключение хотел бы сказать, что для повышения умственных способностей и умений нужно читать книги. (214 слов)

Написать эссе на тему:Some people think that money can make you happy

In the world, many people have fun only from money. In the world they decide money, almost everyone says so, but I think that this is not true.  Money is needed only to provide oneself with the necessary things, food, and spend on entertainment. Money plays an important role in life, it’s our needs. Many people simply can not live without money, and for them there will be a nightmare if money disappears. Thinking about money, we think about things that we can buy from them. That’s why we feel rusty when we get a salary at work.  But we must not forget that in addition to money and things that we can buy, there are many other important things like - friendship and friends, communication, relatives and anyone. They can not be bought with money.

Эссе на тему моя любимая книга

My favorite book is “Lovely Bones”.This book contains a very deep meaning that all evil is returned as a boomerang and there will be no impunity. This story revealed me a new look at certain things. It was interesting to read it,because it was an unusual story with a really exciting and unexpected ending. I like how the author conveyed the atmosphere of the story. I felt all the emotions of the characters myself. This book conveys the reality of life and helps to find the way out of difficult situations. That’s why i appreciate it.
Это мой собственное эссе. У меня за него 5. Оно не переведено через переводчики

Написать эссе на тему " It is better to live with a computers nowadays "
Что бы было :
1 перессказ темы
2 чем он нас помогает
3 что было бы если бы его не было
4 заключение
можно и на русском

I cannot imagine the modern society without computers. We used to it so much. Someone can say that teenagers are hinge on computers,gadgets  and do not see anything except that. But I guess this is wrong opinion. Because this is so helpful thing! 40 years ago people hadn’t opportunity to find any data in few minutes. To have a chat without letters. We write texts, draw with computers! We actually find friends with the internet. People use computers in architecture for construction drawings, and in many other things. Lets give a respect for computers!

написать эссе по английскому!
по теме Online or in class!

I think that learning in the classroom is always better. Because at school children conect with their classmates, teachers, friends.We can visit the library, gym, participate in contests and competitions.At school we do experiments, go on trips that can not be done online.If children learn through the computer,they forget how to communicate in real life.Also computer is bad for health. But online teaching have some advanteges. You can find information what you need in the Internet. Its improve you life.

Эссе: my favourite book and writer

My favourite book is "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway. This story is one of the well-known works of the writer. The author depicts the characters of the old man and the boy and their relations very vividly and skillfully. Santiago, the old man, was one of the writer’s beloved characters. The old man was a born fisherman, but he was not a butcher and fished only for a living. He was very lonely. He had a devoted friend - the boy, Manolin. The boy loved the old man for his kind heart, his devotion to the sea. Manolin was like a son to Santiago. He took care of the old man’s food and his belongings. The old man was glad to pass his experience to the boy. He looked forward to going to the sea together with the boy. All Santiago’s life had been in preparation for the battle with big fish. He knew that he had been born for this and it was time to prove it. A strong man at last had met a strong fish. The battle was a difficult one and full of danger. Though the sharks had eaten the fish and nothing had left but the backbone, the old man had morally won the battle. Santiago’s words "man can be destroyed but not defeated" are the main idea of this story. "The Old Man and the Sea" is a masterpiece for its imaginative language and the description of nature.