Проект на тему "мой необычный праздник" на английском

Easter is in memory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon between March, 22, and April, 25. The 40 days before Easter are called Lent. Just before Easter, schools and colleges usually close. Students have a week or ten days of spring vacation. Easter is a church holiday, and many churches have an outdoor sunrise service. People give each other presents of eggs which are the symbol of new life. There is a popular belief that wearing three new things on Easter will bring good luck throughout the year.

Скажи, какие английские праздники ты помнишь. Какой тебе нравятся больше всего и почему? (в пределах 7 предложений на английском языке)

New year, January 1 Valentine’s day, February 14 mother’s Day, March 22. Walpurgis night, 30 April, the Festival of chimney sweeps, may 1. Halloween, October 31. These days we would like to congratulate the relatives friends and acquaintances on holidays. Halloween I really like all the costumes go to visit and congratulate each other.

I know a lot of holidays: Birthday, New Year, Christmas, Halloween and May Day.
My favorite holiday- Birthday because i have a wonderful party. My friends give me presents. And my parents give me presents, too. I wear beautiful clothes in my birthday. My parents dicorate house. My grandmother cook good dinner. I love holidays!

Национальный праздник уэльса на английском

Wales is a country situated in the West of Britain. St. David is the patron saint of Wales. On the 1-st of March, St. David’s Day, patriotic Welsh people wear a leek or a daffodil, both symbols of Wales. The population of Wales is about three million. The area of Wales is 20,764 sq. km. Wales is agricultural; there are few cities there, rather small and unimportant. The west coast, mid Wales and North Wales are wild and beautiful. Wales has high mountains, including Mount Snowdon, the second highest mountain in Britain. Snowdon looks very peaceful and beautiful. Cardiff, the modern capital of Wales, has a Roman castle and a modern shopping centre. Cardiff is an industrial city, which also has a cathedral and a university. Every year, an international festival called Eisteddfod is held in the town of Llangollen. People come from all over the world to recite poetry, sing and dance in this colourful competition.
There are two national languages in Wales – the Welsh language, which is spoken widely, especially in the North of the country and English. Both these languages are taught in schools. There are also Welsh and british TV channels. Rugby is the national game of Wales. The rules of the game are quite difficult. A team consists of fifteen players. The game is played with an egg-shaped ball. There are three National Parks in Wales. These parks are protected by law because of their natural beauty, but some people live and work there. The flag of Wales, with its red dragon, is one of the oldest in the world. It was brought to Britain by the Romans. The Welsh call their country Cymru and themselves Cymry.

On March 1, the inhabitants of Wales and the Welsh around the world celebrate St. David’s Day, the patron saint of Wales. 
Saint David is a real person. The son of the prince, the ruler of Powys, the grandson of the ruler of the peninsula,  where is now the city of St. Davids and the Cathedral of St. David (Pembrokeshire). David himself was the founder and rector of this cathedral. There are many legends about David. For example, once Saint David during the sermon remarked that those, who are far from him, can not hear him. Then he put a handkerchief on the ground, stepped on it and continued his speech. At this very moment, the ground under his feet rose and David was over the parishioners. Now everyone could hear his words. David performed many miracles: he created sources in places, which have always been considered arid, healed people with water from salt springs, resurrected the dead. God and the angels appeared to him in visions. In one vision, he was told that he would leave the earthly life on March 1. From that moment he fulfilled his duties even more zealously than before. The prediction came true. He died on March 1, 601, and was buried in Pembrokeshire,  in the very place where the cathedral is now. In the Middle Ages, Saint David was so revered that the pilgrims believed, that it is better to go twice to St. David, than once to Rome. About 50 churches in South Wales today are sanctified by his name. The day of the death of St. David, March 1 was celebrated in Wales until the XVI century (before the Reformation) as a religious holiday; from the XVIII century the day of St. David - the national holiday of Wales, and the saint himself personifies the Welsh people.

написать сочинение на тему мой любимый праздник максимум 7 пред минимум 6 с переводом

My favourite holiday is New Year. In the new year, we give each other gifts, and celebrate the table. I love this holiday so that another year comes, which means other emotions, and another you.
Перевод: Мой любимый праздник это новый год. В новый год мы дарим друг другу подарки, и празднуем накрывая на стол. Я люблю этот праздник тем что наступает другой год, а значит другие эмоции, и другой ты.

1. Это был грандиозный обед, были приглашены многие знаменитости. 2. Сколько мы должны заплатить за обед? 3. Я еще не решила, что приготовить на обед. Боюсь, что у нас будет поздний обед сегодня. 4. Обед готов, садитесь все к столу. 5. Горничная поставила завтрак на поднос и понесла его в спальню госпожи. 6. Он обсуждает все важные вопросы после ужина. 7. Боюсь, у нас сегодня будет очень простой ужин. 8. Она не завтракает по утрам, зато устраивает себе основательный второй завтрак. 9. Время ланча. Давай заглянем в «Елки-Палки» на Тверской. 10. Дети, вы вымыли руки перед обедом? 11. Посольство дает званый завтрак в честь праздника. 12. Ужин в китайском ресторане был очень острым. 13. — Сколько здесь стоит комплексный обед? — Очень дешево. 14. Поздний завтрак — это нечто среднее между завтраком и ланчем. 15. Какой вкусный обед! Вы замечательный повар.

1. It was a grand dinner, many celebrities were invited. 2. How much do we have to pay for lunch? 3. I have not decided what to make for lunch. I’m afraid we’ll have a late lunch today. 4. Dinner is ready, please sit down to the table. 5. The maid put the breakfast on the tray and carried it to the mistress’s bedroom. 6. He discusses all important questions after dinner. 7. I’m afraid we will have a very simple dinner today. 8. She does not eat breakfast in the morning, but she arranges for herself a thorough breakfast. 9. Time for lunch. Let’s take a look at the "Fur-tree-stick" on Tverskaya Street. 10. Children, did you wash your hands before dinner? 11. The Embassy gives a breakfast in honor of the holiday. 12. Dinner at the Chinese restaurant was very sharp. 13. How much does a complex dinner cost here? Very cheap. 14. Late breakfast is something between breakfast and lunch. 15. What a delicious dinner! You are a wonderful cook.

Праздник наурыз напишите 10 вопросов на английском про этот праздник

1.What does Nauryz celebrate?
-Nauryz celebrates the arrival of spring.
2.In the past,what did people do the evening before Nauryz?
-People cleaned their homes.
3.What did people do on the day of Nauryz?
-People cleaned the village spring where they got their water and planted trees.
4.Nowadays,how do people celebrate Nauryz and cities?
-People do not have to go to work or school,and they have a big meal with famili and firends.And always eat Nauryzkozhe,which is made with 7 ingredients.
5.What celebrations are there in the towns and cities?
-There are beautiful decorations in the town centres,and there are special events such as parades,concerts and dance performances.
6.How do schools celebrate Nauryz?
-At school each class has a Nauryz party.The pupils dress in traditional Kazakh clothes and perform songs and dances for their friends.
7.Where does the name Nauryz come from?
-it comes from Persian.
8.What does the name Nauryz mean in persian?
-it means "new day".
9.When is the festival celebrate?
-on 22nd March.
10.How did the Nauryz often end?
-It often ended with 2 akyns,or poets,who took part ina song competition.

Написать о любимом празднике 10-15 предложений

Одним из самых знаменательных государственных праздников в моей стране является День Победы. Его традиционно празднуют 9-го мая. Этот патриотический праздник чтит память победы Советского Союза над нацистской Германией. Ежегодно, в честь этого дня, во всех городах на территории страны, проводится множество весёлых парадов и празднеств. Несмотря на то, что этот праздник празднуется очень помпезно, 9 мая является грустным днём для большей части нашего населения. Многие потеряли своих любимых людей и близких родственников во время этой безжалостной войны. С одной стороны, все счастливы, что страна не была оккупирована фашистскими захватчиками, с другой стороны, все скорбят о своей потере. В этот день, мы благодарны своим спасителям, людям, которые пожертвовали свои жизни ради нас. По этой причине, мы стараемся праздновать этот день с почестями. Какая-то часть молодого поколения не понимает важности этого события, и я считаю это неуважительным. На мой взгляд, День Победы, это один из важнейших праздников в году. Некоторые мои предки также участвовали в Великой Отечественной войне 1945-го года, и я ими горжусь.

Victory Day
One of the most remarkable public events in my country is the Victory Day. It is traditionally celebrated on the 9th of May. This patriotic holiday commemorates the victory of the USSR over the Nazi Germany. Every year in honour of this day in all cities across the country lots of cheerful parades and celebrations are held. Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated in a flamboyant way, May 9 is a sad day for the majority of our population. Many people have lost their loved ones and close relatives during this ruthless war. From one hand everyone is happy that the country wasn’t occupied by the fascist invaders, from the other hand everyone grieves over their loss. On this day we are grateful to our saviors, to those who sacrificed their lives for us. That’s why we try to celebrate this day with honours. Some part of younger generation doesn’t understand the importance of this event, which I think is disrespectful. In my opinion, the Victory Day is one of the greatest holidays during the year. Some of my ancestors also took part in the Great Patriotic War of 1945, and I’m proud of them.

Надо по английски составить рассказ(не большой с переводом) на тему праздника: Хеллоуин, день влюбленных, пасха, новый год (что нибудь на выбор, но желательно Хеллоуин)

Halloween is one of the national festivals of English-speaking countries. It takes place on October 31. The pumpkin is the symbol of this festival. On this day parties are held and people put on costumes of monsters and strange creatures.
Children go from house to house, sing songs and try to get sweets. At night children and teenagers tell each other horror stories and legends and the most popular legend is about Bloody Mary. On this holiday television broadcasts a lot of horror films and animations.
Halloween has been gaining in popularity in Russia recently.

Хэллоуин один из национальных фестивалей англоговорящих стран. Он отмечается 31 октября. Тыква - символ этого праздника.
В этот день проводятся вечеринки, и люди наряжаются в костюмы монстров и странных существ. Дети ходят от дома к дому, поют песни и пытаются получить сладости. Ночью дети и подростки рассказывают страшные истории и легенды, чаще всего о Кровавой Мэри. В этот праздник по телевизору идут хоррор-фильмы (ужастики) и мультики.
Хэллоуин начал приобретать популярность в России.